2003 tacoma fuel trouble



About 6 weeks ago I submitted a question regarding an issue with my 2003 Toyota Tacoma. Currently it has 130K miles and is a standard. My first question regarded a sputtering the truck was doing while over loaded (for example wrong gear). The truck would sputter like it was not getting enough fuel, the sputtering would end as the truck got to a higher speed. Once up to speed not an issue. I followed advice given and sure enough it was in need of a tune up (desperate need). Problem gone until about two weeks ago it returned and today the engine light came on as well. SO WHATS NEXT? Tune up has been done. As a side note today I ran the gas down to low, added a bottle of dry gas and filled the tank. Problem was gone all day, until my trip home and the sputtering returned worse than ever.

PLEASE HELP, least expensive to what ever!

Is the fuel filter hard to change? Is the ignition coil hard to fix?

Thank you all.


The first thing you need to know is what error codes have been stored in the computer - that’s what the check engine light is all about. Many auto parts chains will read these codes for free. The format is P1234 - write down the codes and post them.

You imply that you did a “tune up” but you still have an old fuel filter. Clarify what you did as part of the “tune up.”

You seem determined to not take it to a mechanic. If that is so then you really just need a repair manual. It tells you about things like fuel filters and ignition coils and check engine lights and you can buy a Haynes for $20 at an auto parts store.


I seem to remember that thread. I believe there were a number of replies. Have you acted on those replies yet?

Splitting threads results in loosing a lot of data and confusing the whole question. Please stick to one thread.