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2003 Saturn Vue Clutch, Electric...what next...problem

Hi, so last Wed. I left a doc’s appt. 30 miles away from home, and when I left to get in the car, I engaged the clutch and it went straight to the floor. I couldn’t shift and barely got the car started. Transmission fluid (I am guessing) everywhere under the car. My view is a FWD 4 cylinder manual - no bells, no whistles - and has 42,000 miles on it. Had it towed to the nearest dealer. Dealer says that I need a whole clutch rebuild. Well, they ended up doing master and slave cylinders and something else, for a total of about 1200$. It was warrantied.

Picked it up on Friday night, and it felt a little weird. Drove home, no problems, didn’t take it out again until Sunday (today). Started it up, and it was cold. Heard a high pitched whining sound, kind of like if one has an ampliphier that gets feedback noise when the RPMs go up. Then, 1/2 block from home, I notice the odometer light and the day-time running light go out. No lights on the dash. Get to the stop light by my house, put the car in neutral and everything pops back on. Start going again, and about 20 mph (or so), just before getting into 2nd gear, all the lights go off again. Put it into neutral, they all pop back on.

Then, after stopping and starting again, (same thing above), now the speedometer stops gauging the speed at about 20 mph. If I put the car in neutral for a second and coast, everything starts to work again and the speedometer jumps up to the actual speed (about 35).

I go home and tell my husband, and an hour later he goes out to drive it. Nothing. Now it is fine, works like a gem.

But, the front end feels loose. I had some suspension bolts tightened a couple of years ago, but it feels all loose again. Did the dealer do this when they supposedly fixed my clutch? Or is this just another problem on top of the other one in a lucky time frame?

Any advice? I dropped the darn thing off back at the dealer today, and will speak to the service manager tomorrow. I am ready to just blow this thing up.