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2003 Saturn L200 new battery and starter no crank

Have a 2003 Saturn L200, going to work, car makes clank sound then dies. Wouldn’t start back up. Replaced battery and starter, (starter only had one bolt holding it, assuming that was my clank, bolt coming out) won’t
turn over. Was going to attempt to turn engine manually via crankshaft but before I lower engine to try to turn any suggestions. Novice mechanic

Probably the cause of your clank is the missing bolt. Starters should be held on tight for the starter pinion to mate with the flywheel.This could result in worned flywheel teeth although the starter pinion is made of a softer metal than the flywheel.

Put the transmission in neutral and then try starting the engine.


If you are hearing one load “clack” from the starter the engine may have seized.

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Have you pulled the dipstick and verified whether or not the engine has been run out of oil? Clank usually means bad news.