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2003 RS6 Alignment

I took my Audi for 4 wheels alignment. After almost 6 hours I got a call that one tied rod needed to be replace in order to complete alignment. Is this true? and Should it also cost $651.00 for alignment and tied Rod ?


No way to tell from here, could be true, sure. 8-year-old cars wear out parts, especially Audis. Here’s a T&R question on a slightly older Audi:

Did you take it to a dealer? They’re expensive, an independent shop would do it for less, if you find a good one.

Yes, I took it to dealer. My local tire place saidthey couldn’t do the alignment

Well, not sure what a tied rod is, but a TIE rod, if busted, should certainly be replaced. It should cost that at a dealer, since they overcharge for everything.

Audi’s are pricier to repair however you have an ultra performance model with likely different suspension bits that get really expensive.

The alignment was likely $150-$200 at an Audi dealer and the balance the price of the tie rod. This is not out of this world pricing for an Audi dealer with “exotic” Audi.