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2003 Pontiac Sunfire

Every time I hit a bump the car dies. It will restart. Mechanic said it was an ignition module. Replaced it and could not reset the computer, and either could the dealer. Said they finally got it reset and when they test drove it, the timing jumped ruining the engine. I might be getting taken here. They suggested a used engine. Installed it and now it will still not run. They say it has something to do with the cam and computer. They can’t figure it out. Any ideas. They had it back to the dealer with no help and another mechanic…no help. Help!! Been in the shop for 2 months.

Lets face it, the shop has had it for two months and not fixed it and can’t even tell you want is wrong with it. You need a new shop. Are you sure they took it to the dealer?

Yes it went to the dealer. I went to retrieve something from the car and had to go to the dealer to get the item. You may be right about a new shop, but what about the other two shops they have had it to. No joy there either. It is possessed and I should have know better than to buy a GM product.