2003 pontiac montana van, replacing HVAC fan switch

I just replaced the fan resistor in my truck. Her van, 2003 montana has switch problems too fan selector dial is real iffy and needs to be replaced. have to play with it to get at least one speed working. really don’t think its the resistor. Also noticed this morning that the 2 buttons below this dial not working well, (circ recirc) I pulled this off way back on my GMC with a junkyard HVAC deal. (thanks to help right here!!) I could use the following help:

  1. what to ask for at the junkyard… part # description etc… ebay maybe??
  2. detailed help on getting the dash apart and replacing this deal…
  3. best beer to drink while doing this…

Take a picture of the dash panel, with the picture and info about the car; make, model, year, the junkyard can find the part. Ebay is easy to search for parts.

Can’t help you as I’ve never pulled a dash panel on this car. This is where a Haynes manual will help. Perhaps a good audio stereo shop guy can help, they pull these things all the time. Watch out for clip and plastic parts that can crack. If you are in a cold weather area, consider a heated garage for your work area. At least get the interior nice and warm so the plastic will bend without breaking.

I like Yuengling Premium from “America’s Oldest Brewery” in Pottsville, PA. Goes down easy and not too expensive.

The picture idea is the best for not knowing the terminology.
The advent of the cell phone camera has been an absolute godsend to our parts business out here in the four corners ‘‘language potpourri’’ and ‘‘english as an almost second language’’ area.

great tip, thanks. you guys got me through the same procedure years ago on my yukon so I’ll start looking. went out today and gave it a real test. fan comes on only at one speed and you have to spin it a few times to get it to come on. feels real “loose” checked all the fuses also… looks like i can get just the center console part off by itself… I hope… thanks again.

I have a Haynes manual for a 2000 model year. Its probably the same. The manual just gives two screws behind the ashtray and 12V outlet cover. Supposedly, you pull those two screws and the whole trim piece slides right out. After that you should be able to see all of the screws that hold the control unit in there.

Pull the fuse from the airbag system before starting.

very nice!!! thanks