2003 Nissan Sentra intermittent limp

Wondering why it goes into “limp” mode (goes only about 5 miles an hour) intermittently. When I turn it off, and then back on, it drives normally.

It will likely have a stored code(s) in the PCM memory. Have someone retrieve any stored codes with a scanner and post them here in the form Pxxxx.

I presume automatic transmission . . . ?


when it acts up . . . no response to the accelerator pedal?

does the engine rev up when you step on the pedal . . . or not?

When it acts up, the car will only go 2 to 5 mph regardless of how much I step on the pedal. If I shut if off and turn it back on, it will return to normal. I have had someone refer to this as going into limp mode.

Please answer my very specific question . . .

When the car is acting up, will the engine rev up when you step on the accelerator pedal?

I didn’t ask if the vehicle gained speed, because you’d already made it abundantly clear that it did not

No, the engine did not rev up.

Thanks for the additional information

Sounds like a problem with the electronic throttle control system

IF you are indeed in limp mode and it sounds as if you are then there is a subsystem causing it. Your CEL is probably illuminated as well. Trust me, it is trying to tell you something. The engine codes will reveal why she is going into limp mode. The vehicle is literally doing this on purpose and I’m sure it has your attention.

Do yourself a favor and invest in an OBDII scanner…they are ridiculously affordable these days. It will pay for itself the first time you use it and avoid the runaround at a shop. I promise. In the meantime Auto Zone and P Boys will pull the codes for you at no cost.

We…and you…need those codes.

I had my mechanic check the codes one of the days just after it happened. All that came up was the emissions sensor was tripping. Nothing else… Of course he was not able to duplicate the problem, and sent me home no charge…The next morning… you guessed it! On my way to work it happened again. It has not happened in over a week sense. Very frustrating.

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No big deal… buy yourself a scanner… they are very affordable under 100 and even under 50 these days. Of course buy as you see fit, you dont need anything fancy at all. Get the vehicle to do it again (which seems easy) and read what you get. It should point you directly at the solution…no need to ask anyone.

sounds like good advice…Thank you!

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Some emissions codes could also trigger limp mode.