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2003 Nissan Pathfinder

Took it to the dealer today to have the seatbelt replaced, which they did. As I was leaving the lot I noticed the airbag light was still blinking so I went back. Tech brought out the OBDII and ran a scan. No errors. Went through all menus and cleared everything only to realize his OBDII had the wrong ‘code card’ in it. So he went and got the right card and came back, ran it again, still no errors. Went through all menus again and cleared everything including what he called an old error but not one related to the airbag. As he was walking away to go get his manager the light… just went off on it’s own. (Think it was mad at the tech, NOW I know why… then I didn’t.)

On the way home, on the highway, in Texas, going uphill… the accelerator suddenly becomes unresponsive. Can you say panic? The car starts slowing down, 65, 60, in a 70 where everyone passing me is doing 80…
So, I goosed the gas, revved it over 4k and … the gear shifted and the car sped up… WTF?!
Now this car ONLY has 83k miles on it. It was mint. No problems AT all, ran smooth as butter until I let the dealer touch it. NOW, it drives like gramma’s jalopy and I can’t for the life of me figure out what the heck the seatbelt has to do with the other issue but THAT drastic of a change is NOT coincidence. So please, please, PLEASE, tell me what they did to my car so I can make them fix it!

There’s nothing I know they did when replacing the seatbelt that could cause the problems you’re seeing now.

I’d take it back…or find a good independent to figure it out.