2003 nissan murano oil light

My oil light came on today while I was driving. I made it to work but the light didn’t stay on it flashed and went back off but the car took a while when I stepped on the gas it stalled then took off. Does it means I need an oil change or are there bigger problems.? Can I drive the car home?

When the oil light comes on, you should immediately come to a stop and call a tow truck. You engine may now have major damage. Yes, get it towed, on the chance it may be something minor.

Did you check the oil level (the dipsitck?) what did it read? When was the last time you checked? when was the last time you changed your oil?

I just bought it used 3 days ago. There is oiI in it. I was going for an oil change tomorrow and all that other good stuff. I called the dealer they told me too bring it back so they can look at it

I checked it. It’s at the h oil is dark

The red oil pressure light illuminating usually means:

  1. The oil pressure sending unit has failed.
  2. The engine is sludged up. (Not good.)
  3. The engine is worn out. (Also not good.)

The second usually leads to the third. Pray that it’s Number 1 and also that if it’s 2 or 3 that no funny business is going on to artificially put that light out with claims that all is fine.

The vehicle is 13 years old. How many miles on it?

Assuming this is the oil pressure light and not some other oil-related light, I want to emphasize that BillRussell is correct. You’re supposed to stop the car immediately when you see this light or you’ll cause additional engine damage. No doubt your manual tells you this as well.

I’m afraid it’s pretty likely you’ve been sold a clunker with a damaged engine here. Was this an as-is sale?