2003 Mitsubishi Outlander Leaking water on the inside

One thing you hate to hear when you go to a mechanic’s is “that’s a common problem” and “there’s no permanent fix for it.” Since we moved to a shady street, my car is leaking dirty water on the inside passenger side from under the dash, especially when I make a left turn. It really can start to smell bad and I now keep a bucket under the dash and have to leave the window cracked despite the daily rain in Tampa. Twice I have had the lines blown out, but I was told the problem would come back and that it would cost around $750 to really clean it out and that the problem would come back anyway after that. According to my mechanic, the problem stems from the leaves getting inside the engine and clogging up some line. Does anyone know if there is some kind of permanent solution to this problem? And to everyone else, don’t buy a Mitsubishi Outlander. Thanks, Guys!

“the problem stems from the leaves getting inside the engine”

If that is the case, then Mitsubishi has even bigger problems than I was aware of.
More than likely, the leaves are getting into the vent/drain system for the HVAC system.

“don’t buy a Mitsubishi Outlander”

When Mitsubishi leaves the US marketplace shortly, this situation will essentially self-correct.

Anyway, it is very likely that your only solution is to make sure that you don’t park underneath any trees.

You could try this. Whenever I change the oil in my car, that’s like every 5 or 6 months, while the oil is draining I get out my shop vac and vacuum out the vent area right under the windshield. There’s usually a bunch of debris just awaiting to get in and plug up my vents. But I don’t let it. If you park under tree, you may need to do this once a week.