2003 Mitsubishi Galant vibrates when in drive, but not moving

does anyone have problems with a vibration while car is in drive while sitting still. if so what was your solution.

Check the motor & transmission mounts.

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Possibly exhaust system vibrating against floorboards or something else? I get this occasionally in the winter usually due to snow or slush building up against the exhaust.

mechanic says no to that. he changed the rubber grommets on the mounts also but no change. car runs and drives great just vibrates while sitting in drive.

Is this a new problem or a new to you car?

If none of the above and the vibration is a new thing, then the list would include misfire (usually would get worse with load but not always), or low idle which in your car should trigger a check engine light. Also, I will look into the mounts again.

I did have a 95 Galant and the mounts went out, the most annoying one was the transmission mount which was hidden somewhere under the car and was causing a lot of vibration.

An idle speed too low will cause a vibration. An engine miss can do the same thing.

The most serious would be a cylinder (s) dropping compression due to miles and/or wear.

If the car were mine I’d run a dry and wet compression test to make sure I was on solid ground mechanically and that any repairs are worth proceeding with.

thanks will check that out. just bought the car so dont know how long . runs great. that is the only problem and its more of an annoyance than anything else.