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2003 Mercury Mountaineer Not getting any heat

Tom & Ray,
Recently found with the cold snap on the east coast that my vehicle wasn’t getting heat to the passenger compartment.
I changed my thermostat and added a gallon of 50/50 antifreeze to the radiator coolant container. Can you possibly give me an answer as to what the next step I should try?

@dusty1 Tom & Ray don’t answer the posts.

“We the people” do.
How many miles?
Is the engine reaching operating temperature?
Are both heater hoses hot?
I suggest you seriously consider draining the block, radiator and flushing your heater core.

The first thing to check , when the engine is cold, is your radiator full to the top? If it is not, refill with 50-50 coolant and look for a leak.

If both heater hoses are hot when the engine is at operating temperature there could be a blend door fault; not uncommon on Fords.

Just for hoots, you could try and run the EATC self diagnostics and see if anything pops up.