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2003 Mazda B3000 - sputters after some recent work

I have a 2003 Mazda B3000 dual sport 3.0L v6 ran before recent work. Recently replaced hydraulic lifters. Intake/head/exhaust/throttle body gaskets and both cylinder heads are new. As well as the spark plugs. Ran before the work was done now it just wants to crank and sputter but won’t start. I took the belt off and it ran for a few seconds before I shut it off to be on the safe side 209666 miles

Anytime an engine is taken apart and put back together, and doesn’t start when in the vehicle, you look at electrical connections.

Especially ground connections.


You only need to rotate crank twice, once to line it up for one set of rockers and then rotate it once more for the other set
Thats the first torque, I think 12ft/lb

Image here:…erockerarm.gif

Then final torque to 24ft/lb with cam in any position, since first torque has overcome the spring pressure

You could just torque them down to spec as is, should be fine, but should is the key word, rocker may not be seated correctly
according to this guy? maybe he knows

Thanks for your feedback sorry for the long response time been working alot. Ended up being a different firing order than what I was finding online for an 03 apparently my 03 Mazda has 01 ranger ignition system don’t know what the difference is but the firing order was definitely different

Thanks for the follow-up. fyi I’m seeing 1 4 2 5 3 6 for the V6 3.0L OHV

It is actually
1 5 3. 6
6 2. 2. 5
4 3. 1. 4
L R. Front
Front. Engine
Ignition coil