2003 Mazda 6 possible transmission

2003 Maxda 6 automatic transmission with 167k miles and in the past 2 days has been slow to move forward when placed in the drive position. Only happens when first starting after sitting cold all night and after sitting all day after work. The fluid level is good and clean with no “burnt” smell nor signs of metallic particles. Are the bands getting loose? If so, are they adjustable without removing transmission? Do they have to be replaced and at what cos? Is there another issue occurring?

@trad when is the last time the fluid and filter were serviced?

Thx for responding. 1 year ago… approx. 18k miles since last change. we are original owners and have stayed on top of maintenance pretty well.

Could the ATF pump be an issue?

To check the transmission pump, have the line pressure measured at idle in Drive and Reverse. Do it again at stall speed for both Drive and Reverse. Check to see if the stall RPM is within specifications. If the Reverse stall speed line pressure is within specification, there probably is not a problem with the pump. One problem with replacing the pump is that the transmission still has to come out; the torque converter removed; disassembled to the point where the pump can be changed; the reassembled; and reinstalled. You are almost at the time and cost for the purchase and installation of a renewed/rebuild/used transmission.

One other thing to check is excessive drain back of the torque converter. After the car is cold and having set a long time, check the transmission fluid level. If the level is excessively high on the dip stick, the problem might be slow filling of the torque converter. The TC will not transmii much torque until all the air is purged and the coupling is full of ATF.

Sorry most automatic transmissions do not use bands anymore. Practically all modern transmissions take drive and reaction torgues on clutch packs which are not adjustable. Have a good independent transmission techinician evaluate the situation and give you advice. You are at the mileage point where a transmission rebuild would be expected so if you go for a pump replacement, you might as well do the whole 9 yards of a rebuild or renew.

Hope this helps.