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2003 Matrix XRS loses all electrical? Haunted?

1.This started when I noticed that sometimes the radio clock had lost the time and re-set.
2.The next symptom after a week or two was the remote not working on the locks or panic button. Once I opened the door with the key in the lock the car started fine.
3.The next symptom, which was within a week of number 2 was that when I came out in the morning the car was completely dead. No door ajar indicator: nothing. Figuring that I had somehow killed a 2 year old DieHard I hooked up jumpers and the car started after the usual fooling around to make sure that I had a good connection. I then drove it to my mechanic who tested the battery and it was fine. The mounting bracket that goes over the battery had lost a screw so it was replaced and the ground checked. I figured I was done and took it home.
4.Last night (three days later) I was going out and the car was completely dead again and I was going to be late for a show. In frustration I pounded on the door by window/lock module and voila!-the dash lights came on and it started. I went less than 50 feet and it
5. died while running at the stop sign. I opened the driver’s door, slammed it shut, and was then able to start it again. Drove to the concert without incident until
6. we came out after the show and had to open the car manually. It was completely dead, but after opening and slamming the door it started and worked fine until I drove it back to the mechanic today. Armed with the fresh information about the door, they tried to replicate the problem by jiggling the wires in the door. Zilch results. I’ve driven it home and it is in the drive now.

History: About 2 or 3 years ago I replaced the lock/ window module when it stopped working. No problems until those described above other than the module didn’t want to seat firmly in the door and from time to time I’d have to re-seat it. Next repair was replacing the condensor last summer.
Emergency brake cables and backer plates recently replaced. Clutch replaced within the last month. Car currently as 103,000 miles.

Help. What do I do now?

check the wires that go between the driver door and body for a short.