2003 Jeep Cherokee loses power at high rpms

under 300km , this car lights up the engine light and tends to loose power. this happens at high revs especially when overtaking. a rattling noise in the engine followed by power loss.
this vehicle gets unsafe in highway traffic. Somebody please help!

Post the diagnostic codes read out from the engine computer here and folks will probably have some ideas what’s going on. Could be a clogged cat for example. But there are many other possibilities.

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What does this mean???

If the Check Engine light is flashing (I get the feeling it is), you need to pull over and shut off the motor ASAP to prevent damage to the catalytic converter.

Thanks for the advise. I think the catalytic converter is already damaged as fumes fill the cabin while driving.

I will have the scan done and will return with the codes. This is great advice George!

I would stop driving it and take it to a mechanic in this case…or if not you need to drive with your windows down so you don’t kill yourself!

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Problem resolved.
When the engine was changed on this vehicle. some wires linking the gearbox to the engine processor was pinched thereby causing malfunction of engine computer - hence check engine. light

A new problem surfaces:
The check gauges signal lights up and I notice that the oil gauge shows low oil pressure. I checked dip stick engine oil and I find that its ok.
After turning off the engine the gauge still shows a low oil level. What is the problem now?