2003 Jaguar S-Type - Very Rarely Stalls

For no apparent reason my car slows to a halt and dies. After letting it sit 15 minutes it restarts and runs OK. First time it happened 3 years ago I replaced the fuel pump and was told it will never need to be replaced again. Each year since it dies 1-2 times. I took it to the Jaguar dealer who had their top mechanic check it out. He could find nothing wrong nor the specific cause of the problem. There was no charge for 45 minutes of his time. It died tonight fortunately a mile from home. I let it sit and it started normally and returned home.I’m concerned that it is my wife car and I worry that she will find herself in a difficult traffic situation. Would really appreciate any help in finding a solution to this problem.

And in that short window of time, is the only time someone will be able to diagnose the problem.
Otherwise you’ll just be throwing money at it.

You could get a can of starting fluid. Make yourself familiar with what you will have to disassemble to spray it in the throttle body. Keep the can and necessary tools on hand in the car. The next time it happens, quickly spray starter fluid in throttle body. If it fires, at least you have identified it as a fuel problem. If it doesn’t fire, it would indicate a spark problem. Another option is the next time it happens take note of the conditions of the vehicle: where is the temp gage, how long of driving time, outdoor temperature, speed, going up or down hills, is it raining, etc.

The standard answer with these symptoms is replace your crankshaft position sensor. If it fails when hot, it will stop your car. It cools down and then you can drive away. Often it will not set a check engine light and error code. If you spray starter fluid in the intake the engine will not start and run for a few seconds. The part is cheap, not sure how hard it is to change on this car.