2003 Isuzu Rodeo - Hard starting when warmed up

I have an 03 Rodeo with a fuel injected v6. It has 49,000 miles, idles and runs excellent. when first starting the vehicle, it starts right up, no matter what the weather is. The problem is when it gets warmed up it gets really hard to start. It cranks and cranks before starting. I’ve replaced the fuel filter, coolant temperature sensor and the fuel pump relay. Nothing has helped. The mechanic says it sounds like a fuel pump problem but runs really well, doesn’t hesitate under hard acceleration and it idles smooth. I cant believe its the fuel pump I’m stumped got any ideas?

When it is hot, try turning the key on but not to crank, back off and on again. Do that 3-4 times before trying to start the car. It primes the fuel system. If it starts right up, it is likely a bad check valve in the fuel pump. It is also possible an injector is stuck open but that is not often heat related.