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2003 Impala Power to Heater Blower, Cruise Control, and Info Center

I am trying to troubleshoot why my heater blower, cruise control and info center above my rear-view mirror has stopped working. I am trying to confirm power to an orange wire next to the driver-side fuse box. I have confirmed no power at the fuses. I am hoping the problem is the wire box below the fuse box and not the ignition switch. I have a wiring diagram and the power feed to these three fuses is via an Orange wire. There are two Orange wires in the box, I am trying to determine which one feeds the fuses for these three devices. I have a picture of the fuse box. Any help is appreciated.

Scott, I Have 3 Impalas And One, An LS, Is Similar To Your’s.

I’ve been reading a bit trying to help, but it’s sounding like it is probably the ignition switch. I don’t think the switch is all that difficult to replace on this model if it turns out to be the culprit.


@ScottE67, are both of these orange wires the same diamater?

A good wiring diagram will list the “cross section” of all wires.

You need to post the wiring diagram.

Then we’ll walk you through where to hook up your multimeter or test light.