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2003 Hyundai Elantra 94000 miles second clutch feels like it is almost toast

Hi. My 2003 Hyundai Elantra has 94000 miles and is already on it’s second clutch. It is starting to feel like this one is almost toast after only about 25000 miles. It feels like it is slipping starting from a stop (the tachometer goes up, I release the clutch and there is a pause before the car moves) and if I am in 2nd or 3rd gear and I accelerate the tachometer will often jump and the car will lurch. I have had a clutch go out before and it felt very similar to this, I just can’t believe that this clutch would only last 25000 miles. I know that you can’t adjust the clutch as it is self tensioning, but I also know the mechanic who put in the second clutch had some problems and it had to be re-serviced after the initial replacement. Is there any way this guy did something wrong that could be fixed? Could the clutch really be worn out after 25000 miles? I’m the only driver and I don’t feel like I drive the car too aggressively… If the consensus is that the clutch needs replacement, maybe you could throw out some figures so I know what I am getting into? I’m selling the car, I need to know if I should invest in fixing it or reduce the price to reflect the issue. Thanks so much for any advice.

A clutch can be worn out in much less than 25000 miles. Besides aggressive driving the most common reasons for clutch wear are riding the clutch (keeping your foot on the clutch pedal even if you think you are not pressing down) and slow clutch engagement (not releasing the clutch fully as quickly as possible). Assuming you do none of this and you are not driving aggressively then a clutch should last a long time. I’ve had clutches last over 200,000 miles.

Another possible reason for a slipping clutch is a leaking rear main seal on the engine. I had that happen once and the clutch disc got “oiled” and had to be replaced.

There are some unknowns here.
One is whether the entire clutch kit was replaced or was it the disc only. The latter can lead to problems due to a weak used pressure plate.

Two is whether the flywheel was perfectly flat and/or had burned spots in it from the original clutch.

Three could be that the linkage rod on the clutch master cylinder was adjusted too tightly and this was preventing the clutch from being completely released. This could have been the cause of the original clutch’s failure.