2003 Honda Pilot water leak

Floorboards become soaked with water from rainy weather. Water is somehow leaking into the cabin. Have tried to trace it several times and seal any places it would be coming from. Still happening. Soaking the passenger front and read carpet.

Holes rusted through the floor ?

No holes rusted through yet. Checked the windshield, the tire flaps, the back seat console vents, wipers area, sealed everything. Still leaking like a sieve in rainy weather. Found a Honda forum where others complain about this and suggest fixes they have found, but none have worked for me. Next attempt will be to pull the front quarter panel and have a look.

I think you mean interior kick panels. When the windshield leaks, the water trickles down the pillars behind the trim panels.

You did NOT say you checked the AC drain.

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Hi Purebred and Nevada_545,

Thanks for helping to troubleshoot - you’re right, I didnt word my diagnostics well…

Checked the A/C drain and made sure it was not clogged. Didn’t find a leak. It was actually dry.

Also checked and resealed the wheel wells because someone suggested on a Honda forum where some the structures are pressed together and tack welded that it might have an air-pocket in between the sandwiches letting water get in.

Nevada_545, can you tell me where are the interior kick/trim panels that you are referring to?

In dry season we have hosed the car and cannot reproduce a leak… this is why we are thinking there is accumulating water somewhere, that fills up over time, and then eventually leaks onto the front and rear passenger floorboards. It doesnt happen with every rain. It happens when we enter rainy season in the Pacific Northwest.

Wondering now about pulling the quarter panel because the way the frame is made, there’s a spot you cant get behind in the engine well itself. Once or twice in rainy season we think we heard a little fluid sloshing on the front passenger side behind the dash, when the cabin has been completely quiet. Cant reproduce it with a hose, though.

Our windshield does not appear to leak. Cant see a visible drip anywhere at any time, but I suppose anything is possible.

I appreciate the trouble shooting help. I’m hoping this will be the summer to fix it once and for all. PS Honda forums say Honda refuses to acknowledge the problem, which has happened to another Honda model and year span (which is escaping my mind), and not just the 2003 Pilot.