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2003 honda odyssey sputtering when accelerating. Engine light is on

I have a honda odyssey that has the engine light on. It happened first a little over a month ago. So we had it scanned and it needed plugs. No biggy we bought them and it was fine for a couple days to a week. THen happened again. We brought it to the mechanic this time they didn’t find anything wrong other than the plugs again. So we spent a ton of cash to have them replace them with dealer parts. That did not work so we got new coils. Bang it worked for a couple weeks. Now today the lights are on and she is sluggish again. I really need help. Mechanics have been charging a ton of cash to look at it and then to replace the plugs that don’t last long. Anyone have any ideas on what we are missing?

You are missing competent mechanics. Yours seem to be throwing parts at it hoping to fix the problem. You need better mechanics.

What, exactly was the code set? In the form Pxxxx please.

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fuel pressure test
injector balance test
use the noid lite kit to make sure all the injectors are being pulsed correctly
compression test
cylinder leakdown test

ask your mechanic if he’s done any of those tests

No such thing

There’s no fault code that says “You need to replace the spark plugs”

A good mechanic knows the fault code is merely a starting point.

By the way . . . you said “the lights are on and she is sluggish again.”

Okay, fine, the check engine light is on again

But do you have the same exact codes . . . misfire codes of some sort, I presume . . . ?!

Or have you not yet brought the car to a/the shop?

Po300-Random misfire
Po302-Cylinder 2 misfire
Po303-Cylinder 3 misfire
Po304-Cylinder 4 misfire
Po305-Cylinder 5 misfire
Po306-Cylinder 6 misfire
Po705-Transmission gear position switch
31-2 Permanent DTC Engine retard command (PFINH) signal failure
31-2 Throttle position voltage issue
Vacuum leak? EGR valve? Had new plugs and new coils installed.

Without running the tests @db4690 listed, it is just a guess from us or your mechanic.

Seems like the 31-2 (actually an OBD code P1676) is a problem with the ABS/TCS and is diagnosed per this link:

All this reinforces my earlier post… You need better mechanics! Might be worth taking it to the dealer.

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Been to the dealership. Had it scanned when they did my recall. They did not find anything. That’s why it’s so confusing.

It needs to go back in for service. Simple as that. If your dealer is in question, take it to another Honda or Acura dealer

You have water in your gas

No, @Richie-39, I don’t have water in my gas. I am not the original poster so it is not my problem I just made a comment. And FYI the thread is also 2 years old. The date is in the upper right hand corner of each reply.

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