2003 Honda element air bag controller module

I recently brought it in for the air bag recall. They replaced both front airbags.

Now they say I need a controller module to the tune of $685.

Does that mean the air bags wont deploy in a crash?

Are the deployed on impact electrically or mechanically?

From my passive restraint training it is uncertain if the airbag system is completely disabled, it depends on the nature of the failure.

The airbags are triggered electrically.

You should ask what went wrong with the recall procedure? Was the airbag warning light on before this visit? What are the fault codes/messages found?

There are warranty extensions for other passive restraint parts on this vehicle, you need more details.

the light was on B4 the recall. i was told it was not covered by warranty. i don’t know what codes or messages they found.

They should have documented the fault codes on the estimate/invoice for their own protection in the event the vehicle was later in a collision. Loose ends.

If I recall there is an extended warranty on the occupant classification module (Honda calls it something else). This is the control module that determines the weight of the passenger and if the passenger air bag should be active.

You need specifics on the part failure (part # would help) and fault codes.