2003 Honda CR-V burns through oil - software glitch?

2003 Honda CR-V. Atlanta, GA. Work at home so mileage only 75000. I do have to drive to Nashville and Jacksonville occasionally. Highway driving w Cruise Control burns through a tank of oil. Local driving no effect on oil. Honda denies there is anything wrong. Cannot find problem. Have had one software upgrade at dealer, for this problem, about 3 years ago. Maybe this is normal for a light truck? Needs more oil for long distance? Thank you for any enlightenment.
Mechanically challenged–

Define burns through a tank of oil.

I have never heard of a software glitch causing oil burning. What I have heard of is cars burning more oil at sustained high speed because the average temperature of the oil is hotter at sustained high speed. Usually it isn’t hot enough to cause it to burn that much oil though, sometime 50% more oil but not the difference you seem to have.

Exactly how much are you burning? Neither Jacksonville or Nashville are that far from Atlanta. One possibility could be a sludge build up under the valve cover. If there is sludge, it could cause the oil level to build up under there and then gets sucked into the engine past the valve guides and valve stem seals.

I have to agree with @keith on this one. I believe the problem may be related to a partially clogged PCV valve as well.

Agreed with @missilman, but I am wondering if it is a bigger problem, such as sludge. How many miles or months on average have you changed the oil?