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2003 Honda Accord needs new alternator?

so i have a 03 honda accord. about 2 weeks ago i thought i was in need of a new alternator, anyways i ended up having to knock the starter with a hammer and it would start for every morning id drive the car. then one day i start the car put in reverse and the ABS light turns on as well as the BRAKE light and then i put it in DRIVE and start reaching 20mph both lights stay on still. Then within 1 min of the car moving it turns off and the brakes wouldnt work at all. i bought a new starter putin in and jumped the car with cables it turned it on. i kept it in Nuetral to let it warm up. then as soon as i put it in gear it shakes kinda and those 2 lights come on then it dies and i have jump it again. what is my problem with this car.

The battery is dead or discharged, probably because the alternator has failed. Recharge the battery and check the charging system voltage.

problemS, as in many. Battery, starter, maybe wheel speed sensor, brakes for sure. You fixed the starter, ignore how it runs until you fix the brakes.