2000 honda accord se - transmission fluid change

Last time the fluid change was when i did a big service at 100-110K. Now it is at 139k. I am planning to change it myself. I have read the procedure in Haynes Repair book. It seems it is as “easy as 1-2-3”: drain, plug, and refill( from dipstick).

Do i have to worry about any other little but important detail?

Should I do it twice since I do not totally flush it?

How important is it to use the right torgue on the drain plug?

Thanks much.

Follow the instructions in the Haynes manual.

Drain and refill ONCE, not twice. You’ll change about half the fluid, but that’s the way it’s designed.

The torque figure is to prevent you from over-tightening the drain plug, which can damage the threads. As long as it’s tight but not over-tight you’ll be OK.

If you have a torque wrench, use it.

MC covered it well. I agree with everything he wrote. If it has a filter, cleaning it is a good idea. Since you are replacing it at about 40,000 miles there is really no reason to worry about not getting all the oil out. It will be fine.

Thanks much. Highly appreciated.

One more thing, USE ONLY HONDA FLUID!!! No filter to worry about. It DOES have a filter but since the transmission has no pan and is just a 3 piece case, the filter is not servicable unless the transmission is removed and disassembled.
Its just drain and refill. Do this service every 25-30k miles.


again tx.

Some said that it was why honda accord 1998-2002(?) have weak transmission.