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2003 GMC Sierra - 2 Questions

First, I’ve noticed a grinding sound out of the driver side front end when turning right. I took the wheel off and noticed the hub/rotor assembly rocks back and forth (in the direction the steering turns). The passenger side does not do this. It looks like the inner CV joint stays stationary, while the outer CV joint/hub/rotor all move. Is this an issue with the axleshaft/outer CV joint, or the hub? It looks like the hub moves in the steering nuckle, but all hardware is tight, including the nut that holds the axleshaft into the hub.

Second, intermitently there is a “clicking” sound that eminates from the driver side under the dash. Sometimes it clicks every 2-3 seconds, sometimes it goes away. Anybody have any ideas? I don’t know if it’s improtant, but it sure is annoying. Thanks for the info!

Forgot to mention that the steering componentry is good, tie rod ends, etc. Chuck