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2003 GMC Safari money pit

When I bought my 2003 GMC Safari AWD and had it shipped from Connecticut to Arkansas, right away I noticed that all 4 tires were worn and different brands, I couldn’t even drive it because one of them the cord was showing. Then the transmission started slipping and that was repaired. Immediately I knew something was wrong when it didn’t downshift to first at a stop but was in 2nd gear causing less power on acceleration. Then I noticed that the transmission would shutter if I crowded it in 2nd and 3rd on a steep incline. The mechanic said that AWD trans was supposed to do that and he won’t refund the money so I can get it fixed elsewhere. There are multiple other issues as well. Bottom line, I bought a money pit.

Are you saying you bought a 15 year old vehicle sight unseen over the web ? I wish you had come to the CarTalk community and most people here would have advised against that.