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2003 Ford Focus Engine Vibration/Noise

I bought my car new in '03, so it’s going on 7 yrs now. I had extended warranty and the maintenance package. Since I purchased it, I never missed a scheduled maintenance (always at the dealership). It’s gone thru 30k, 45k and recently the 60k maintenance. It just reached 81k recently. The last time I brought it in for oil change, they told me they needed to replace something to do with the axle and when i picked up my car, they noted the engine vibration and attributed it to a weak engine. But didn’t say I needed to do anything with it. I do noticed that vibration and noise(like a bass vibration) … the noise is more pronounced when the engine is cold (just started up) and it goes away somewhat when it heats up. However, the vibrations is intermittently present (I used to think it was bec. of Bay area bad roads, Las Vegas didn’t have as crappy a road). I’ve heard of engine tune-up. Is that something I should ask the dealership service about?

Any help on this matter would be very helpful.

Thank you

If you ask for a “tune-up” you are going to get your spark plugs and wires and perhaps some other ignition components replaced which you may or may not need. And you probably don’t need them because you have already given the dealer 3 shots at selling them to you.

Go to the garage of your choice and tell them you want to find out why the engine is vibrating, and what will fix it. Have all your receipts with you and when they tell you what they want to replace, see if you have already paid to replace it and when.

Most likely the engine mounts need replacement. Had the same pb on mine.