2003 Ford F-250 clutch

I have the 6 speed manual (zf6). The clutch operates normally when the truck is cold, but once it warms up pushing it to the floor no longer fully disengages the tranny and I have to force it into first and reverse. On very slight grades the truck won’t roll with the clutch to the floor in gear where it otherwise will in neutral. I first tried bleeding it and when that didn’t work I replaced the master slave cylinders with a pre-bled kit. It only made a minor improvment. I also drain and filled the tranny fluid hoping it would free things up and it does run quieter, but didn’t improve my clutch issues. Any ideas? Its odd that it works ok when you first start driving but acts up as soon as you drive a little bit. That part doesn’t make sense to me.

You’re implying that the clutch engagement point also moves toward the floor during warm-up. True?

Carry a bottle of water in the truck.

The next time it’s hard to shift, open the hood and pour the water over the clutch master cylinder.

If doing this allows easy shifting, the new clutch master cylinder is being effected by engine heat, and is leaking internally.


Yes. Its very close to the floor when cold, maybe 1/2 an inch off the floor, and it quickly moves out of reach after warm up

Was the engagement point ever really normal, like 2 to 3 inches off the floor? I’m thinking something has worn inside the clutch.

I actually don’t know because I just bought the truck 2 months ago and I noticed it after driving home. I am considering having the clutch replaced eventually if nothing else will fix it.

Sounds like a problem with the pressure plate, sometimes the release springs fail causing the clutch to drag.