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2003 Ford Explorer XLT popping and jerking

While driving whenever we turn a curve to the right the steering while jerks and the whole front end jerks and will either quit when we slow down or come back straight. It seems the faster we go the worse it is also starting yesterday day we have noticed that the front end is beginning to make a popping or thumping sound while turning a curve or sometime will pop or thump randomly. It’s starting to get pretty scary can someone please help give me an idea of what’s going on. Thanks

Just some info, tires are fine, no wear, all correct pressure. Had to recently use 4x4 in the snow but didn’t have any problems with it. Did however hit a ditch pretty hard on the driver side and quickly came back out on the road from slidding off in the snow. Has a bad leak from the power steering reservoir to the pump (the line is bad but can’t change it on my own and top off reservoir daily). Truck has 227k miles on body and 157 k on newish motor that was just put on in September.

Have You Got Life Insurance?
I wouldn’t drive it until I had it lifted and inspected by a mechanic. Something in the front-end could be letting go.

Yes I have life insurance and I have it parked. I’m driving a rental car as of right now. I live in a one horse town and the local mechanics can’t “get to it” to even look at it for two weeks.