2003 dodge ram hemi


i just bought a used 03 dodge ram hemi 2dr pickup. i drove 963 miles to florida and as i was on my 600th mile the check engine light comes on with another light that i was later told was the electronic throttle light. but i have yet to confirm this. i was wondering if this is a common problem, or how to fix it. i took it to the dealership and they just reprogrammed the computer inside the truck, the lights went away after i start it. but when the car is turned on and not cranked, both lights are on. and i’m afraid that this problem will continue on ever road trip that i take.


When the ignition is turned on but engine not started both lights are on.

This is after the dealer flashed the computer, but you haven’t started the engine yet?

How do you know the throttle light won’t go out after the engine starts?


As a bulb an system check the electronic throttle and check engine light should both illuminate. Within a couple of seconds the lights should go out. I have worked on a number of the hemi’s with the fly by wire system and have not seen a throttle problem yet.


Damn I had that I can not edit my post. It should say:
Within a couple of seconds of starting the vehicle.