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2003 Dodge Ram 1500 stalls

My truck will start and idle but when I engage it into a gear, whether it is drive or reverse, it will start to bog down and not respond to throttle. Sometimes the truck will stall other times it will just bog down then the rpms shoot up and the truck will run normal after. If the truck does die it will fire right up and have no issues and run great. Now whenever I stop and shutoff the truck the next time I start it up it will go through the exact same process. It doesn’t matter how long the truck has been shut off. Could be a minute could be a day. Truck has 177k miles, in the last year it has given a code for camshaft sensor going bad and has been replaced twice. Have also had the catalytic converter and the O2 sensors replaced within the last 6 months. Not sure if this matters but was told my truck is California Emissions by the garage that replaced the cat, I live in Texas. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, James.

I wonder if the torque converter clutch is stuck in the locked position.

Fuel pump?

How about crank sensor? It will put it in a limp mode. I would check fuel pressure.