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2003 Dodge neon Replace computer?

So I bought this car in october of last year used. It started fine for about 3 weeks then starter clicked 1 time and engine didn’t turn over. I replaced the starter&solenoid. Again car started fine for about 3 weeks. I replaced the starter relay switch, car again was fine for another 3 weeks.

A battery and electric car shop told me my battery was old. I got a new battery. Thought that fixed it again but 3 weeks later no start. I had a skim module error code stating my key was the wrong key, I got a new one and car started fine for the next 3 weeks.

If I reset the computer by removing the batter terminal for about 5 minutes this usually will allow me to start my car.

Current error codes:




After a computer reset they all go away for a while.

Should I cut my loses and get rid of this car? Should I replace the computer or perhaps the skim module?

Definitely at a loss here. Any help is totally appreciated and Thanks in advance!!!




P0440 Evaporative Emission Control System Malfunction

While these are generic listings for most vehicles, they may not be perfectly correct for your vehicle. You have a leak in the vacuum system somewhere. Everything I read is pointing to the gas cap. Not the right one, bad or broken seal, or not being tight enough.

I can’t see a reason to replace the computer. That would seemingly be just a waste of money, as it’s not the problem, it’s merely trying to get your attention and direct you to the real problem.


So do you think that these error codes are not allowing my car to start occasionally, even though it starts most of the time?

tx again!


I do. The computer may be deciding something’s wrong enough that it needs to be fixed before proceeding. the codes are stored, and normally one error isn’t enough to cause problems, unless it’s continuous. Multiple errors are telling it that it’s serious enough to stop until fixed. Obviously, it all depends on the error, but these are all pointing towards the same system or set of systems.

The light is just the cars way of saying “LOOK AT ME! I need help!”

Good enough for everyone? Comments? Criticisms?


The fault codes you refer to all have to do with the Evaporative Emissions Control system on your car. Essentially, the car contains fuel vapors from the gas tank and eventually sends them to the engine to be burned. This system has nothing to do with why your car won’t start.

The code relating to your key is the direction to look. SKIM, Sentry Key Immobilzer Module, is an anti-theft system that will keep your car from starting unless a “valid” key is used in the ignition.

Any well-equipped local garage with a decent scan tool should be able to handle this for you. Have the problem diagnosed rather than try to throw parts at it.

OK, so which of those codes directs me to the SKIM module? The mention of that module was a WAG by the OP, not any of the codes read. Did I miss something here?

None of the EVAP codes direct you to the SKIM or any other system. They only indicate trouble with the EVAP system, which will not cause a no-start condition.

I read the OP to state that he had a SKIM related code at some point, that’s why I recommended that direction. Sorry for any confusion. I’d say the poster needs to get the car to a place that can do more than just read Generic OBDII codes.

My car has now been starting fine with no error codes for almost a week now. Just an hours ago I started it up and the engine light came back on. Its now only 1 error code of P0440 Evaporative Emission Control System Malfunction. But at least it’s still starting, for now.

I can’t help but think since this is such a sporadic error it may be very difficult/expensive to trouble shoot. Which is why someone probably got rid of the car, and I got such a good deal on it.

Any more suggestions are greatly appreciated, and thanx again!


It’s not sporadic. It just has to fail the self test X number of times before it will trigger the CEL. I bet if you reset the computer and drove it twice or three times the EVAp code would show up as pending. That means the computer has detected a problem, but it hasn’t yet confirmed it as a chronic problem.

My course of action would be to buy a new gas cap (cheapest option) and if that failed I would either take it to someone, or get a service manual (probably take it in, cause of the SKIM problem).