2003 Dodge Durango Ball Joint Replacement

Looking on the internet I seem to see that my model of car, the 2003 Dodge Durango had a ball joint recall.I checked the VIN and there is no outstanding work to be done on my car as far as the recall goes. I’m about to have my ball joints replaced on the car, which is at 90,000 miles. The thing is, the ball joint recall has scared me. I fear that even if I get the ball joints replaced, something will go wrong with the new ball joints. Is there some inherent flaw in the Durango design. I am afraid that even if I get new ball joints, they may not work. I am thinking about getting a new car over this ball joint thing. It’s sad though, because I always liked my Durango. I can fit the kids in it, and a dog. It is also good on ski trips.

If you have aftermarket and not Original Equipment Manufacturer (from the dealer) ball joints installed they will have design improvements over the OEM ball joints. They’ll even come with grease fittings so the ball joints can be greased, which the OEM ball joints didn’t have.


I think in this case I’ll avoid OEM then. What’s weird, is that I think I have seen, different posts on the internet where people said they have gone through a few sets of ball joints. I’m not sure what to think about my car and ball joints. Does it eat them?

There may not be any OEM ones available. Parts like that usually come from a local parts place anyway. If there were Mopar ball joints, you wouldn’t be getting the defective ones. But, then again; it’s a dealer.