2003 Dodge Dakota - keep heavy load in the truck bed?

should i put something heavy in my pickup truck bed when i’m not carrying a load

In general, no. Winter driving in snow country, yes, a couple of hundred pounds directly over or slightly in front of the rear wheels may aid traction. Another option is a topper, a co-worker thought the weight of the topper improved ride quality, but I suspect that was a placebo affect. I have never noticed ride differences loaded or not.

I’ve never found the need to do that, but my truck is 4WD. I’m presuming yours is 2WD. I’d be hesitant to put something heavy in the bed unless you can be assured it is secured well enough so it can’t move around. If something heavy in the bed suddenly shift positions, could make the truck’s handling unstable.

Generally truck owners only put something heavy in the bed to improve traction in the winter. Is there a reason you are asking this question now OP?

Why in the world would you want a heavy load all the time?

@rikdog2001 Would you return and explain why you asked this question ?