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2003 chevy venture

My mini van after driving it say 20 miles, starts shifting kinda like its slipping every know and then, and check engine light comes on. Its ok until about that first 20 miles, before that its ok. Any ideas?

Be more descriptive about “kinda like its slipping every now and then.” This can mean lots of different things to lots of different people.

Report the van’s mileage.

Report any history of transmission service, including the the method of service.

You need the error codes from the computer that come with the check engine light. Many auto parts stores will read them for free. The format is “P1234.” Report the exact code(s).

Have you checked the transmission fluid?

I’m not sure any of that will matter much. If this is your transmission acting up then you need a good, local, dedicated transmission shop to drive and scan it.