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2003 Chevy venture knocking

I got a 2003 Chevy venture with 76,250 miles on it. I got it I was told there was nothing mechanically wrong with it. The next day I started it up it was knocking for about 30 to 40 seconds. Then it stops. But only on a cold start. What could it be?

Of course that was what was said , no one ever says this thing is a piece of junk and I just want it gone.

Your first step is check the oil level - second get an oil and filter change - if it still knocks then you will just have to have mechanic look at it.

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+1 to Volvo V70’s comments, but I will add that if the noise goes away after a brief period of time, it is likely to be the result of piston slap.

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You have owned it for 2 days?
Was motor warm when you test drove it?
And cold today?
The 3.4 is known for rocker arm issues.
Loose rocker arm bolts and/or stripped bolt holes.
A broken stud does not get quiet when warm though.