2003 Chevy Malibu Service Vehicle Soon Light

The past month my car will start rough and the “service Vehicle soon” light will come on. This only happens every few days and does not happen all the time. I brought my car into the shop - they checked for codes and were unable to pull any information from my car.

Today when I started my car after work - it started rough- my radio was off, clock was off, air was not moving, fuel gauge was on E, milage was missing. After I started driving a few yards everything came on.

I cant go with out my car for another day at the shop w/o having some sort of an idea of what is going on with it.

My google search came up with simular stories, but no resolve.

Hoping fellow car talk fans can help out.


You need a new “shop.” The light doesn’t come on for no reason.

As usual I agree with MC. You need a new shop. I might add that it need not be a dealer.