2003 Chevrolet Cavalier AC

Like 2003 Chevy cavalier air-conditioner works fine when you’re on the highway but is soon as you get off and stop for a little bit of time at a light or whatever the engine light and the engine starts getting warm and so does the air lashed year under the hood I replaced the relay I don’t work again I did the same thing this time but it’s still not working there’s one other fusion and then I guess the fan I don’t know if

Text to speech is really hard to read.

I’d say your electric fan has gone bad.

I know it won’t happen but It would be nice if this site had a program to send a post that is that hard to read back to who ever made it.

Don’t these people ever proof read their stuff.


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Proof reading is really tough to do at 70 MPH, and the print is to small on their phones.

Smart phone, doesn’t mean smart driver


As I’ve said before, when you reply to the Ask Someone posts before a moderator has had a chance to skim it, some posts that wouldn’t have made it through stay because someone has replied to the OP. If someone might start getting help I do not want to delete the thread. My advice is, if you go into the Ask Someone section before one of us does and the post doesn’t make enough sense to give a helpful answer, leave it alone and let us figure out whether to delete it.

Now this is just an opinion. Don’t we get enough incoherent, basically garbage posts from “ask someone” that create more and more work for “cdaquila” and her colleagues to justify severing the connection between the sites? Just a thought.


Pvt Public has a point. I think the idea to link with Car Complaints to the Ask Someone section has proven to be a mistake. I also wonder just how many of those where Carolyn has asked someone for more information about their post have actually done so . A small percentage is my guess.