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Buick rendevous 2003

I just found out my elderly parents have their '03 Buick Rendevous (crossover) in to a Buick dealer for a new head gasket AND a transmission rear seal replacement. They do not hot-rod, have not had an overheated engine and the engine ONLY has 75,000…!!! Are they being ripped off for this $3,600 repair…???

No one knows. Did they complain to the dealer about something? What was it? Get a second opinion. We can’t diagnose problems with so little information. They may be getting ripped, and maybe not.

Oh sorry, a few more details…they just took it in to the dealer for routine service (oil, filter, etc.), no leaks, no performance problems, not a thing wrong with the Buick they thought. The dealer service advisor said that there was a “slight leak” in the head gasket and the rear seal had to be changed on the trans. Unfortunately, they did NOT get a second opinion. They just presumed the dealership knew what they were talking about and agreed to the $3,600 repair and 5-days in the shop…???

About all they can do now is get the replaced gaskets after the repair is completed. If they already got the car back, it’s too late and you should not worry about it. They money’s gone, and there is nothing you can do but suggest that they get a second opinion next time they have a big ticket repair.

It isn’t amazing that a Rendezvous has problems with the engine or a transmission rear seal. The seal isn’t a big deal. We will never know if the job was needed. The parents may be elderly but they have been through the auto repair cycle before and are no less informed than anybody else. You don’t have to abuse your car to have a seeping hesd gasket. The car isn’t rated as the most reliable thing in the buying guide either. Try not to scare them by getting excited about it. My parents would think I was crazy to expect cars to run forever without the possibility of having to fix something.