2003 buick lesaber custom idles rough and dies once and a while

i have a 2003 buick lesaber and i have a bunch of codes that came up po102/po107/po122/po463/po650/p1107/p1122 ive replace the map , tp, idle airvalve, pcv valve im hoping it isnt the emc

p0102 means the mass air flow sensor output is lower than it should be.
p0107 means the manifold absolute pressure sensor output is lower than it should be
p0122 , the same as above, but for the throttle position sensor
p0463, fuel tank level sensor
p0650, CEL light circuit is faulty
p1107, similar to p0107 above
p1122, similar to p0122 above

My guess is there’s a problem with the ECM’s 5 volt reference voltage that is used to calibrate those sensors. There may also be a problem with the check engine light circuity. Did anyone attempt to disable the check engine light so it wouldn’t turn on and bother the driver?

i bought the car for about 4 months and i havent done anything but replace parts

The problem with tryng to fix this sort of problem on modern cars is that it’s easy to run out of money before you run out of ideas what to replace next. All those sensors are powered by the same 5 volt reference. There’s a very good chance the problem isn’t the sensors but the 5 volt reference has shorted out somewhere. I’d start by disconnecting all those sensors and measuring the 5 volt reference pin on the wiring harness end for each sensor.

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ill buy a volt metter tomarrow and try that

With all those codes showing up at once, along with the P0650 code, the PCM may be bad.

What causes the P0650 code?

Several problems may cause a P0650 code including:


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