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2003 Buick Encore AC won't start without opening hood

  1. The “shop owner” was the Buick dealer’s service writer.
  2. You don’t need to talk to me. I don’t do any of that “social media”
    stuff. This is the first time I have ever gone to the internet with a
    question - and I assure you it will be the absolute last. But - I will
    not bad mouth the site or any of the respondents outside this site.
  3. For your information: I have known and been a cutomer of this dealer
    for many, many years and I DID NOT contact him - he heard from one of
    his employees and contacted me!!
  4. Frankly I don’t care what you think of me or my knowledge or
    capability or anything else.

That was three days ago.

We actually would love for you to keep coming back to this site.

Instead if thinking that everyone is picking on you, maybe you should wonder if there is anything that you can contribute. Maybe you can answer someones question,when they are at a loss.

It’;s hard to believe that you have never wiggled a wire to see if you have a good connection. if you hook up your meter and it shows continuity…what if you wiggle it and you lose continuity.

We are not saying we don’t use meters.

Why not go through this site and see what questions other posters have asked, along with the replies and then judge the site.



Do NOT put words in my mouth

I did NOT say you did that “social media” stuff

I did NOT say you contacted the owner

I’m not going to give you the fight you seem to want . . .

But I’m not going to let you put words in my mouth, either