2003 Buick ebreak

I recently changed the rear brakes (Dics) in my 2003 Buick Regal. After replacing the brakes my ebreak stopped working. I have checked the cables and tried resetting the ebreak pads but can not get the ebreak working. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Why do you spell the rear brakes one way, but you call the emergency brake the “ebreak?” Why wouldn’t you call it the “ebrake?”

What do you mean by “resetting the ebrake pads?” Do you mean that you followed the entire procedure for adjustment of the parking brake? There is one. Are you working from a shop manual? If not, Autozone’s free online repair stuff will give you the procedure if you register an email address and plug in the car’s info.

Did you install only the pads, or both new pads and new rotors ( discs)?