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2003 BMW Z4 w/ stalling problem when cold


Would appreciate some help. The car has had a VERY intermitant stalling / not starting problem for most of its life. It’s been towed into a shop both under and after warnanty and I’ve had various repairs (and no repairs) done.

1) Corroded fuel pump wire

2) Reprogramed the computer

3) Replace a clogged PCV system

4) Can not reproduce the problem (at least twice).

Today it did it again. It seems to happen when the car is mostly cold having only been diven a couple of blocks and stopped for a short time. After a couple of hours of sitting we were able to get it started and once really warmed up and driven around the parking lot several times with good RPMs was fine. Of course until the next time.

I’d love to get this fixed once and for all, but have no idea what’s going on and am hoping someone on this board can help.

Thanks in advance for considering the problem and suggesting solutions.