2003 Acura TL - Clunked until happy ending

My Acura was making clunking noises and the engine was reving like there were transmission issues. Had it towed to the dealer. They told me I needed some type of idle switch for the transmission, new motor mounts (they were broken) and a few other items. They also said my transmission was fine. I told them to fix the car. They called the next day told me everything was repaired but my transmission had to be rebuilt. Any idea why they did not discover this on day one. Happy ending had everything done including transmission rebuilding for 3,000 dollars

They didn’t discover this on day one because all the other problems were masking the transmission problems. The motors mounts can cause quite a ruckus and are far cheaper to replace than rebuilding a transmission. Once they were replaced, I’d guess there were still clunks that led them to the trans.