2003 ACURA RSX Killing O2 Sensors, HELP!


Replaced factory O2 sensor under warranty on my 2003 RSX Automatic in 2006, now that one has gone bad, but instead of lasting three years, this one has lasted only 1 year. Getting a bad batch of O2 sensors would make sense, if, everyone else had a defective sensor as well, which is not the case. The replacement last less miles on it than the original (10,000 miles and only 1 year old) and the dealer has no idea what is causing the oxygen sensors to go bad.

Did some searching and couldn’t find what would causes an O2 to malfunction/die that fast, dealer blames it on not using premium fuel, but the base edition doesn’t require premium so I pulled the BS flag on them, if the car requires premium, ACURA would state that. Good gas has always been put in the car (big assumption I know).

Engine light came on both times when the O2 started to go bad. Dealer reset the computer, but error popped up again and then replaced O2 sensor.

No abnormal oil consumptiono, gasket sealers, silicone sprays have been used and I’ve never observed any obvious coolant leaks. I keep the cary very clean, but take care not to get any electrical components wet, all engine components look clean (Live in Central CA) so I wouldn’t think that dirt/water/grime etc. had caused the O2 sensor to go bad.

Thanks in advance for the replies.


generally running rich can kill an O2 sensor, so actually running premium fuel is MORE likely to kill it since you’re more likely to have unburned fuel going past it to gunk it up.

I’d try one more O2 sensor before I decided it’s a problem with the car.