2003 Accord stalling on damp days

I have a 2003 Accord AT with about 67K on it. It has stalled on me twice this month, once while driving and the other was sitting at a stoplight. The first time it happened I took it to the dealer and they replaced the Powertrain Control Unit (computer) because they believed it had lost it’s mind (shorted out?). When it stalled at an intersection this week it felt like it had flooded, the check engine light came on. The dealership says the computer is okay this time, but they are getting an error code relating to the transmission. The only thing that I have in the car that is not a Honda part is a remote starter. This was installed over a year ago, getting me through last winter (my car is not garaged at night and I live in the midwest). I never had any problems with my car until this month. I told the dealership to disconnect the remote starter to see if that changes anything. Could the dampness and remote starter being interfering with the car’s computer?

Can you get the actual code number and post it here?

Aftermarket remote starter installations and starting problems have surfaced on this forum a number of times. Most mainly due to faulty work.

Moisture is one of the electrical systems worst enemies. It can also be hard to narrow the field.

Let me offer a friendly word of advice. Trouble shoot to end with a positive diagnosis rather than just throw parts at it.

Yeh, I know, that’s why you posted right?

One thing you can do is with the engine idling, (go easy) spray some plain water at electrical components such as the plug wires, distributor and coils.

Do NOT soak them. Only spray enough to find the problem area.

Other components that can create problems are the idle air control motor (valve) and or a dirty throttle body causing an air flow restriction.

Heck, it could even be a faulty fuel system.

As most of us agree on here is we do not recommend anyone take their vehicle to a dealer unless it can be repaired FREE under a warranty or is taken in for a recall.

Most independent shops will charge a bit less per hour, will do as good (if not a better job) and likely will not try to sell you stuff you don’t need.

Ask around for one. Check with neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc.

If dampness was the problem it would probably show up on start-up. Nevertheless you can make sure all the electrical components are clean (no oily residu).