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2003 accord rear brakes

I need to replace the rear brakes on my son’s 03 accord. I have done brakes before, but this is the first time I am dealing with pistons that need to be rotated back into the caliper. What tool do I need to rotate the pistons? The Honda service manual also recommends lubricating the boot with rubber grease to prevent twisting of the boot. What kind of rubber grease do I need?



You’re going to need something along this line to rotate the pistons back in. As far as lubing the boots, I can’t see why a silcone spray lubricant won’t work.


Use SIL-GLYDE ( may not be spelled exactly like that) for the boot. It’s the only lube other than white lithuim that I use. KD tool makes a cube with different knobs on that attaches to a rachet to crank the piston back in. Also Lisle makes a nice one that has different discs to rotate it back in. Advance or Zone rents these tools. I think the cube from KD is a waste of money.

I bought a 94 Accord 2 years ago – nice car – 1st Honda car ever. I started to change the rear pads, not knowing that they were twist calipers and ended up using a tire iron to crank the piston back in and allow clearance for the new pads. It worked ok - that was 8,000 miles ago.


auto zone rents the tools, and when you bring them back you get your $$ back!!

what a deal.

or you can keep them. the price is really reasonable to rent them, and if you want to keep it the rental fee is the cost. talk to them.

if you don’t have an auto zone nearby check with the other auto parts stores for tool rental. there are some stores which rent tools.

i use the white lithium grease. it is waterproof, and is easy to last.