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2002 Xterra Transimission issues

I have a weird issue with my 2002 4x2 manual Nissan Xterra…when I drive along (usually happens when I’m in 3rd or 4th gear), and depress the clutch pedal to start slowing down for traffic, while the gear lever is still in the 3rd or 4th gear position, the rpms start coming down as the car coasts, but then a strange grinding/whirring/grumbling noise starts happening. The noise immediately goes away if I pull the gear lever into neutral, OR if I re-engage the clutch to start accelerating again. So, it only happens when BOTH the clutch pedal is depressed, AND the gear lever is “in gear”. What could this be? The car has about 115K miles, but I believe the previous owner changed the clutch recently (80-90K), and the clutch itself feels fine.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Could be the clutch throw out bearing, to my inexperienced ear. But check with an expert.

In researching, that is similar to what I have found, but wouldn’t that have been replaced when the clutch was replaced? Granted, there are a lot of unknowns since the clutch was replaced by a previous owner.

Should have been, but perhaps not, or perhaps the new one was defective.